TaDonna Nagle, Creator of Financial Legacy Group

My Story:
My mission is to empower individuals and families on financial literacy to shrink the wealth gap and build a legacy.

Education and Finance have always been a passion of mine. Those are the topics I have always been good at and had an interest in.

I have worked in the Financial industry for over 10 years. I noticed most of our clients were individuals and companies who were worth millions of dollars. I wondered why there was such a disconnect in some demographics when it came to financial education.

I’m here to educate on the importance of financial literacy since it is so rare that conversations about personal finance take place in the school or in the home.

Once people are given the tools and education they need to take control of their finances and leave a legacy of abundance, the wealth gap will surely close.

About Ta’Donna:
Mother of two, travel fanatic and lover of food. A certified financial instructor with over 10 years of financial experience, and a passion for helping individuals live the financial life that they desire.